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Compeer - 7237 Acres For Sale $9,988,000
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Agent:  Murray Murdoch
Town: Compeer
Province: AB
Land: 7237 acres
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Yard Land Outbuildings Land Outbuildings
Outbuildings Oil Lease Revenue Land Outbuildings

6541.86 acres deeded + 696.06 leased acres - 2010 cultivated acres, 1929 acres tame grass and hay, 2590 acres native grass; Includes Oil lease Revenue (~$78,920/yr.)

Saskatchewan - House (2 story, 3 bdr); Pole Barn (North, 70fx55f); Pole Barn (South, 48fx48f); Pole Metal Clad Machine Shed (32fx56f, 2012); Dugouts (9); Fencing; Pasture Water System (7.5 miles, 9 troughs, etc); Water Lines (3 waterers, 4 hydrants); Water Well (65’x48“); Water Well (95’ bored, pump, etc); Shop (24fx22f, heated, metal roof); Pasture (all weather water system); Underground electrical services (various yards)
Alberta - House (3 bdr, 1200 sq’); Cattle Shelter (E, 2004, pole, 32’x70’); Cattle Shelter (W, 2004, pole, 32’x70’); Garage (2 car, 24’x28’, heated); Machine Shed (pole, 30’x48’); Quonset (Metal, 32’x64’, 1964); Shop (32’x48’, heated, 1982); Water Lines (3 Cattle Waterers); Water Well (600’, SW-15-33-1-W4); Fencing (14.5); Dugouts (15); Natural gas, power & telephone


  • Located near Compeer, AB with property in both AB and SK
  • Livestock and Farm Machinery Included - List Available!

    Equipment List
    Additional Photos (1.8Mb PDF)


  •  Murray Murdoch Lane Realty Corp.

    Agent:  Murray Murdoch Send Email
    Lane Realty Corp.
    #307-4303 Albert Street
    Regina, SK
    Cell: (306) 858-8000
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